Yaegoo Pole Saw, 43CC 2-Cycle 9.35FT to 13 FT Extendable Cordless Gas Chainsaw(Note:Pole Part and Engine Part Individual Packaging) (Engine Part Package)

Engine Part Package:

★43cc, 2-stroke engine x1

★A spark plug wrench x1

★4mm Allen wrench x1

★8mm x 10mm spanner x1

★Shoulder Strap x1

★Chain x1

★Chain Board x1

★Chain cover x1

★Anti-Slip Hand Bar x1

★Empty Fuel Mixing Canister x1

★Funnel x1

★Installation Screws

★User Manual


★Engine displacement: 43cc

★Max engine power: 1700W at 7500rpm

★Cutting length 10 Inch

★Bore x Stroke 1.38 x 1.34inch

★Chain Guide Bar 10″, 3/8″ pitch, 043″gauge

★Engine type 2 cycle, air cooled

★Ignition Flywheel magneto CDI system

★Starting Recoil starter

★Spark plug TORCH BM6A

★Stopping method Slide Switch

★Max engine speed: 7500 r/min

★Idling engine speed 2800 r/min

★Fuel tank capacity 700ml

★Fuel type Unleaded 93+RON

★Fuel mix 25 (fuel) : 1 (two-stroke oil)

★Sound level Pressure: 91 dB(A), Power : 106 dB(A)

Powerful Engine:

★Powerful 43cc 2-cycle engine assure the pole saw can cut the woods about 7 inch easily, and the cordless pole saw allow you to walk around without worry about the distance and battery!

Gas Powered:

★This Gas Powered pole saw provide the stronger power, it can help you save time and energy in working.

Shoulder Strap:

★Special designed shoulder strap can help you reduce the Vibration and fatigue when you are working.

Anti-Slip Hand Bar:

★Anti-Slip &Anti- rotation hand bar designed for stable use, you can control the saw easily when you cut the high branches.

Product Features

  • [Note:] You need to buy both of the hole part and engine part to build a whole set of Pole Saw.
  • [Engine Part Package:] 43cc, 2-stroke engine x1,A spark plug wrench x1,4mm Allen wrench x1,8mm x 10mm spanner x1,Shoulder Strap x1 ,Chain x1,Chain Board x1,Chain cover x1,Anti-Slip Hand Bar x1,Empty Fuel Mixing Canister x1,Funnel x1,Installation Screws,User Manual.
  • [Pole Part Package:] 1# pole(5.3ft),2# pole(2.73ft),3# pole(2.8ft).
  • [ADJUSTABLE EXTRA LENGTH] This gas powered pole saw can be adjust from 9.35 to 13 ft and with 10 inch cutting length. so ,you can easily cut down the branches of 13-16.5 ft without ladder or climbing on the tree
  • [3 YEAR WARRANTY] Three year warranty!! Please feel free to contact us ,if you have any problem.we will response within 24 hours

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