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❤250W AC type lawn mower. This tool is used for trimming and trimming the lawn. It is made of ABS material and aluminum tube. Good helper for the garden lawn.


Name: 250W AC Mower
Power: 250W
Net amount: 2.19 kg
Speed: 11000 rpm
Effective weeding diameter: 25cm
Straw rope length: 8m
Cable length: 10m
Total body length: 105cm

❤Note: Do not use the motor of this machine in rain or water or humid environment

1. When in use: Keep all parts of the body away from the blade. Keep your focus when the blade is moving: When clearing the stuck material, make sure the switch is turned off. Distraction during operation of the machine may cause serious Personal injury.

2. During storage: When the blade is stopped, move the machine by holding the handle. When transporting or storing the machine, please cover the cutting device cover to properly store the machine, which will reduce the risk of personal injury caused by the blade possibility.

3. If the mowing rope touches the guide plate or other hard objects, which causes the machine to be abnormal, immediately turn off the motor and remove the battery pack to check whether the mowing head is damaged. If damaged, repair it immediately

Product Features

  • ❤ Body: made of ABS material and aluminum tube, high-end and durable.
  • ❤ Straw rope: The diameter of effective straw rope is 25cm, and the length of straw rope is 8m.
  • ❤Wire hook: The wire hook design, when the machine stops working and is not in use, you can wind the electric cable around the wire hook to prevent the electric cable from being suspended and causing damage.
  • ❤ Secondary handle: Hold the secondary handle with your left hand while pressing the trigger lock button first with your right hand.
  • ❤ If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to email us and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions and friendly service.

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