Yacc Small Rechargeable Weeder Electric, Portable Lawn Mower Household Flower Trimmer Lawn Mower Multifunctional Hedge Trimmer,Green

❤ Multifunctional electric trimmer, computer-controlled precision-milled alloy steel blade blade, rust-proof non-stick coating on the surface, fast and smooth cutting, can complete the required trimming work efficiently, and it is also very easy to clean and prevent rust. The power driver uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can work continuously after being fully charged, making your use more convenient.


Motor parameters: DC 7.2V
No-load speed: 1000 rpm
Hedge trimming length: 12CM
Lawn trimming width: 8CM
Charging time: 5 hours
No-load endurance time: 60 minutes
Extension: can be matched
Surface treatment: fine polishing
Material: 65 manganese
Overall length: 350 (mm)
Shape: straight
Handle material: PVC
Blade length: 120 (mm)
Trim diameter: 15 (mm)

❤ Note:

Do not rinse the machine with water.
The machine should be stored in a dry place when not used for a long time.
Before each use of the machine, carefully check whether the blade is good, and if it is found that the blade is damaged, it must be repaired in time.
The machine should clean and lubricate the blades immediately after each use.

Product Features

  • ❤ High-efficiency trimming of precision-ground steel blades, computer-controlled precision-milling steel blades, rust-proof and non-stick coating on the surface, fast and smooth cutting, which can efficiently complete the required trimming work, and it is also very easy to clean and prevent rust.
  • ❤ Economical and energy-saving, 2000mah lithium battery, lasting longer than 45min, no need to worry about high gasoline costs if you do not burn gasoline.
  • ❤ Two designs can be replaced at any time, equipped with two different blades, which can be easily and safely replaced without tools to meet different needs of your garden.
  • ❤ Silence-The measured noise is 96dB, the operation does not disturb the neighbors, and it is more meditation to easily enjoy the labor fun. The height of the hand-pushing rod can be adjusted, and the length of the rod can be freely adjusted from 60 to 85 cm. It can be easily operated with different heights.
  • ❤ It can be used with an extension handle, and an auxiliary extension handle can be provided for you to use, so that you can easily trim the hedges at high places, and you don’t need to bend over to trim the lawn.

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