Yacc New Two-Stroke Side-Mounted Lawn Mower, Multifunctional Portable Handheld Weeder, Commercial Household Gasoline Mower,Red

❤A good helper in the garden, a necessary tool for mowing, compact and convenient body, easy to use, and small storage space, humanized design, shortening working time, and less fatigue.


Model: Lawn Mower
Material: Stainless steel
Displacement: 43.2 (cc)
Applicable places: garden
Scope of application: grassland
Speed: 2800 (rpm)
Power type: gasoline engine
Single product weight: 8 (KG)


Mix oil strictly according to the ratio of 25 to 1 (1 liter of gasoline to 40 ml of engine oil). The mixed oil is used up on the day, and the mixed red oil cannot be used.

The new machine cannot be used at high speed, please run in at low speed for 3 hours (equivalent to 5 pots of oil).

To make the machine last longer, take a 10-minute break every half-hour of work.

It is strictly forbidden to shut down the engine suddenly at high speed, otherwise it will make it difficult to start next time.

If the machine vibrates abnormally, please stop the machine immediately to check the blade, whether the mowing head is damaged, loose or eccentric.

It is strictly forbidden to cut perennial hard shrubs with a blade.

It is strictly forbidden to use a blade to cut grass on a rocky grass field. A mowing head is recommended. Mowing with a mowing head for lawn or non-woody weeds is safe and efficient.

Product Features

  • ❤ Two-stroke lawn mower is mainly used to cut weeds in gardens, on both sides of highways, orchards, hillsides or uneven places, and the range can be expanded.
  • ❤ Lawn mower is not only obvious, quieter than other machines, less fuel consumption, but also has a working life that is twice that of other lawn mowers.
  • ❤The engine has high combustion efficiency, high power and high torque.
  • ❤ Lightweight, easy to use, ultra-compact and user-friendly design, shorten working time and less fatigue.
  • ❤ If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to email us and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions and friendly service.

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