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Name: Lawn Mower / Lawn Mower
Power type: rechargeable
Power supply voltage: 200V
Whether the speed of the electric drill is adjustable: stepless speed regulation
Voltage range: AC three-phase below 440V
Rated voltage: 3.6Vdc
Battery type and capacity: lithium battery, 1.5Ah
Charging time: 3-5h
Pruning blade length: 120mm
Grass cutting blade width: 83mm

❤ Saw blade replacement method:

1.Press the black button at the bottom
2.Remove the bottom plate and saw blade
3. Align the saw blade with the machine button, and push the bottom plate back to the bayonet
4. Install the saw blade
5. The bottom plate is aligned with the machine bayonet,
6.Saw blade replacement is completed and pushed forward

❤ Tips:

When installing and replacing the saw blade, please unplug the power plug to avoid accidentally starting the machine and causing unnecessary injuries.

Product Features

  • ❤Stainless steel blade, made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable, sharp blade, do not touch when using, tire design, bottom tire design, easy disassembly and installation, faster use.
  • ❤ Lightweight and compact, stand-alone weight 0.38kg, compact and lightweight, can be operated with one hand, saving time and effort, double protection switch, three safety protection, power plug + safety double switch for more peace of mind.
  • ❤ Power display, without the restriction of the power cord, it is more convenient to use. The body power display shows the power status at any time.
  • ❤ Non-slip handle, the handle adopts rubber-covered design, non-slip and wear-resistant, comfortable to use, and telescopic design. The height of the handle rod is adjusted by loosening the adjusting nut.
  • ❤ If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to email us and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions and friendly service.

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