Yacc Garden Pruning Mini Lawn Mower Small Home Garden Handheld Mowing Family Set Household Type,D52700W

❤ This model is suitable for soft lawns such as small lawns and home courtyards. 11000 high speed, fast and labor-saving mowing, copper wire motor overload protection, machine is not easy to damage, four safety protection, comfortable rubber-coated handle, safe anti-fall hook, lightweight aluminum telescopic rod, strong and durable grass mowing
Like the Transformer’s nose, it is an essential tool for anti-shock, multi-function, and mowing.


Product model: lawn mower
Power speed: 700W / 1 1000rpm
Motor type: high speed copper wire motor
Machine voltage: 220V household two-phase power
Mowing width: 29cm
Telescopic length: 22.5cm
Pay-off method: automatic pay-off
Package size: 96.5X 28X 14cm
Machine weight: 3.5kg
Reference area: within 300 square meters
Nylon rope diameter: 1.6mm

❤ Note;

1. Please charge the battery in time before the battery runs out. If you find that the tool is low, stop the tool and charge the battery pack.

2. Do not charge a fully charged battery pack. Overcharging will shorten battery life.

3. Please charge the battery pack at room temperature from 0 ° C to 40 ° C. Before recharging, cool the used thermal battery pack for 30 minutes.

Product Features

  • ❤The anti-collision steel wire protects the vegetables and flowers. The automatic threading is convenient and labor-saving. The multi-angle adjustment of the machine head and the free adjustment of the angle make the trimming range wider and easier to operate.
  • ❤ Pushing the support wheel is more effortless, pushing the mowing is more effortless, and it is also available for elderly and ladies. Telescopic height adjustment, height adjustment according to user height, improve work efficiency.
  • ❤Four layers of safety protection, safety protective cover, durable and reliable operation against shock, design of straw ropeThe speed of the straw rope is just to cut the grass without hurting people.
  • ❤Double insulation, ABS engineering plastic switch insulated rubber-covered handle, flexible and lightweight, light weight and good control of weeding easier.
  • ❤ If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to email us and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions and friendly service.

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