WORX WG772 56V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Cordless Mower with IntelliCut, 19-Inch

The WORX WG772 19-Inch 56V Li-ion 3-in-1 Cordless Mower with IntelliCut is part of the New WORX Power Share 56V Platform. The WORX 56V lawnmowers features a 19 inch steel deck with premium mulching capabilities. The mower provide gas-like power performance and mows 8,500 sq. ft. on a single battery charge. In perspective, a full-size regulation tennis court is 7,200 sq. ft. The 3-in-1 56V MaxLithium push mowers give homeowners the option to mulch, bag or side discharge grass clippings. The all new NutriCut system features dual edge mulching blades to help provide natural lawn fertilization. Also, the WORX Power Share mowers are equipped with Intellicut, which is a torque-on-demand system that monitors the mower’s need for torque. No more bogging down when mowing tall or thick grass. Homeowners simply set the dial to POWER when conditions call for more torque or switch to ECO mode for everyday use. The durable, 19 in. steel mower decks features 10″ high rear wheels and 7″ high front wheels. The mower also has a quick connect washout port that makes keeping the underside of your mower nice and clean easier.

Product Features

  • Steel cutting deck with premium mulching capabilities
  • Intellicut technology for extra performance
  • 2 removable/detachable batteries that can cut up to 8,500 sq. Feet per charge
  • One-Touch fully collapsible handle and compact stand up storage
  • Quick single level cutting height adjustment

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3 Responses to WORX WG772 56V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Cordless Mower with IntelliCut, 19-Inch

  1. Don Holub says:

    cuts the grass great no matter how thick it is

  2. petepark says:

    Greater mower but plagued by battery life

  3. Andrew says:

    Do not buy ANY battery operated lawn mower from Worx … Do not buy ANY battery operated lawn mower from Worx! Here’s why: These mowers run $350-$560, WAY overpriced. They constantly break down, and don’t have the power to mow for more than 45min. My WG789 (retails $450) stopped working. The blade wouldn’t engage. They have NO customer support! You call the line and are connected with sales agents that have no electrical or mechanical know how. After explaining my problem and that it wasn’t the battery or blade, the rep offered no help…