WORX WG310 8″ 8A Electric Power Pole Saw, Black and Orange

The WORX 2-in-1 pole saw and chainsaw is unique and multifunctional. Attach the 10-foot extension pole to reach higher limbs without using a ladder – detach the pole to easily chop up the fallen limbs. The pole attaches with no tools making it quick and convenient to transition from a chainsaw to a pole saw. This low-maintenance saw has a patented auto-tensioning chain system to help extend the life of the bar and chain. In addition, the automatic, tool-free chain tensioning system and automatic oil pump with level indicator makes it even easier to operate and maintain. The WORX WG310 has a powerful 8 Amp motor and versatile design, making it the perfect yard tool for light to medium duty trimming, limbing, pruning, and clean up around the yard.

Product Features

  • 2-n-1 saw: pole saw + chain saw
  • Patented auto-tension chain system for extended bar & chain life
  • Powerful 8 amp motor offers a consistent performance
  • Automatic chain lubrication with oil lever indicator
  • Tool-less extension pole installation
  • Reach up to 10-feet with the pole fully extended

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2 Responses to WORX WG310 8″ 8A Electric Power Pole Saw, Black and Orange

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for reaching branches, not liking the lack of safety features I’ve used this saw for a few months, and it has performed well by helping me trim those hard to reach small to medium tree branches around the yard that are normally just out of reach. It’s quite sturdy and easy enough to assemble and disassemble, clean and maintain. One ease-of-use feature I especially like is the self oiler, which other models in this price range usually do not have. Kickback is nonexistent, and operation is quiet and vibration free.That said, I’ve found this…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Way better than I expected. So I put this little saw through its paces and it definitely works well. In 1day I used it to take out some overgrown evergreen shrubs then trimmed some pine trees, cut down a pesky birch tree and finished with some super tuff oak and maple limbs.The saw does need chain oil which is not included. The chain needs to be tightened before the first use, simply turn the bright orange knob and you’re good. The chain did come off once but it was due to hard wet oak and all that was…