UTOPIAY Cordless Grass Shear Battery Grass Cutter, Cordless Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Quick Blade Change with Telescopic Rod Perfect for Leaves & Debris, Charge Time 3 Hrs, 7.2V

Quickly tidy up bushes, shape hedges and cut lawn edges with these Trimming Shears from UTOPIAY. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the amazing 7.2V Hedge and Edge Trimming Shears provide complete cordless freedom, so there is no need to worry about staying close to a power source or getting tangled up in cords. The shears come complete with two interchangeable blades, a grass cutter and shrub shears. The grass cutting will make light work of lawn edges and has a 100mm cutting width. The shrub shears are great for trimming bushes and shaping hedges, they have a 150mm cutting with and can cut shrubs up to 8mm in diameter.

The shears come complete with an installed lithium-ion battery, a charger, and a handle and wheel set that allows you to trim grass edges without stooping or bending.


Dimensions: L25x W10 x H12cm
Weight: 0.7kg
Grass cutter cutting width: 100mm
Shrub shears cutting width: 150mm
Shrub shears cutting thickness: 8mm
Running time: 60 minutes
Charging time 3 hours
Battery capacity:1500 mAh

Product Features

  • INTERCHANGEABLE – The 2 in 1 grass and hedge trimming comes with 2 quick changing blades for cutting hedges, shrubs and grass
  • LIGHTWEIGHT-At just 0.7kg, these trimming shears are easy to move and won’t create strain on your wrists, they also come with a handle and wheel set that allows you to trim grass edges without stooping or bending
  • CORDLESS – Complete cordless freedom of movement thanks to the installed lithium-ion battery that has a running time of 60 minutes and charge time of just 3 hours
  • VERSATILE – Use the 100mm grass shearing blade to create and maintain the perfect garden lawn and the 150 mm shrub shear for taming hedges and shrubs
  • QUICKER TRIMMING – WIth the trimming blade, you can easily tackle those overgrown bushes, giving you more time to relax in your garden.

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