Trimmer Plus 41BJLE-C902 Edger Attachment

Edge your drive, walkways and flower beds quickly with the TrimmerPlus LE720 Lawn Edger. The 7.5-inch steel edger blade has a blade depth of 2.5-inches for deep edging. The edge blade has dual tips to cut quickly and efficiently and simply loosen the adjustment knob to lower or raise the height of the edge for the perfect cut. The wheel is large enough to offer stability while edging without sacrificing maneuverability. Like all TrimmerPlus Edger attachments, this edger add-on snaps securely onto any gas-powered trimmer with an attachment capable shaft and can be removed easily when finished and ready for a new task of trimming, pruning, hedge trimming, leaf blowing and other outdoor tasks. Backed by a 2-year limited warranty, The TrimmerPlus Edger Attachment puts the final touch and edge of a lawn for a clean, manicured look.The Ryobi add-on lawn edger for TrimmerPlus system does everything a regular edger can do, except take up a lot of room and leave your wallet light. The hungry 7-1/2-inch steel blade cuts an edge up to 2-1/2 inches for clean, deep edges along your driveway, sidewalks, and curbs. The wheel is just large enough to offer perfect stability without sacrificing maneuverability. Like all Trimmer Plus attachments, this edger add-on snaps securely onto any gas-powered Trimmer Plus unit with the Click-Link shaft. And when you’re done edging, just remove it from the trimmer shaft, and you’re ready for a new task: trimming, pruning, hedge trimming, leaf blowing, cultivating, and when the snow flies, even clearing your driveway. This lawn edger attachment comes with Ryobi’s 2-year warranty.

Product Features

  • This Trimmer is equipped with a easily maneuverable wheel and long blade for easy edging
  • The 7.5-inch steel edger blade provides a blade depth of 2.5-inches for more precise edging and cutting. Connects to attachment-capable trimmers, including Troy-Bilt, Remington and Craftsman and more
  • The adjustable blade reaches depths up to 2.5 inches and the angle of the boom allows the user a clear and easy viewing path.Backed by a 2-year limited warranty
  • Constant torque gearbox is rugged and durable. Note-lowering the wheel will decrease the cutting depth. Raising the wheel will increase the cutting depth
  • Wheel diameter is 3.75 inch. Warning-do not use this attachment with an electric or battery-powered unit. Doing so could cause the motor to overheat, resulting in damage to the unit and possible personal injury

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3 Responses to Trimmer Plus 41BJLE-C902 Edger Attachment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Works great with the Kobalt 80-Volt trimmer. Definitely want to upgrade the blade to the Ryobi! I used this attachment to connect to my Kobalt 80-volt String Trimmer. Worked great! Before I purchased I was tipped off to replace the blade with the Ryobi 8 in. Replacement Edger Blade from Home Depot ($7.99). I tried it first without the Ryobi blade just to test it out. The blade got stuck every few seconds, and I had to clear grass, dirt, and mud from the edger housing. I was pretty disappointed. I quickly replaced the blade and I can’t describe to you what a massive difference it made,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well Done TrimmerPlus….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great edger! This is awesome. I didn’t want to spend $300 on a gas edger when I already have a good Cub Cadet string trimmer. This edger snaps right in to the shaft of my trimmer and it really does a nice job edging. I let my neighbor borrow it, who has a Ryobi trimmer and he immediately ordered this from Amazon.A few things I’ll mention is when you first edge (as with any edger) you’ll want to knock the grass back off the concrete as much as possible. I used a spade shovel in the bad areas and…