TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

TR Industrial Combination Safety Helmet, 5-in-1 Forestry Safety Helmet Hard Hat System with Accessories

Product Features

  • 5 in 1 safety helmet comes with helmet, adjustable/removable earmuffs, plastic visor, and mesh visor, providing dynamic protection for any job
  • Provides the protection you need when using chainsaws, brush cutters, and trimmers, ideal for forestry type work
  • Secures firmly on head and convenient dial knob makes it easy to adjust the circumference 20 – 24.5 inches (52-62 centimeters)
  • Lightweight, interchangeable mesh and plastic visors provide shielding from debris
  • All parts are ANSI and CE approved – Helmet carries a Z89.1-2003 ANSI rating

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2 Responses to TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

  1. Me says:

    AMAZING! So Im tall and a bit clumsy (like a spider on roller skates) but anyhow -I have been doing a ton of tree trimming this fall and I goofed one day and didn’t put on safety glasses because they fall off and fog up so much. So long story short – I put my eye out / Nothing perm just 3 weeks of a bandage and a minor scar removal surgery.So here I go again but this time taking precautions! I found this and thought Ill give it a try – HOLLY SMOKE! I love it! I would have thought it was…

  2. Cody C. says:

    Good and bad… I was very happy with the functionality of this item. The level of noise reduction was great! However, for longevity, i am displeased. I only used the them 3 times before the left side ear protector broke a hinge post. This effectively ruined the hearing protection of the unit because the one side will not stay attached. This unit still has a functioning face shield, so it is not entirely useless, but if i had known that the hearing protection wouldnt last i could have just gotten a face shield…