Toro 51617 Rake and Vac Leaf Blower Vacuum,, 2-speed (up to 210 mph), 10.5 amp

Toro’s Rake & Vac is 3 machines in one; powerful blower, high speed vacuum and leaf shredder. It’s compact, contemporary styling is well balanced, comfortable to use and easy to maneuver. It has up to 215 mph air speed in blow mode and has two speeds so you can control the air speed when you are working in tight or restricted areas. The Rake & Vac requires no tools to change from blow mode to vac mode. When in vac mode you can reduce eight bags of leaves to one bag.

Product Features

  • Up to 215 mph air speed
  • 2-Speed air control
  • Quick-Release latch for easy, no tools conversion

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3 Responses to Toro 51617 Rake and Vac Leaf Blower Vacuum,, 2-speed (up to 210 mph), 10.5 amp

  1. Studio Orange says:

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Only some will understand the title of this review.So let me spell it out: A combination leaf blower / mulcher is like a cheat code for life.Raking my back yard typically goes something like this…I go out and buy leaf bags. I’ll generally buy three packs, for a total of 15 bags. I assume that I’m over-estimating because my back yard isn’t really that big. How could I possibly need more?Spend an entire afternoon raking leaves. Arms feel like…

  2. Keith says:

    I like the many hand holds allowing for different holding positions

  3. MacLabDoug says:

    St. Augustine Grass and Oak Leaves vs. The Toro 51619 Ultra I bought this at the local big box store because they didn’t have the older model that got 3000+ raves here on Amazon (# 51609). As such, I was leery about buying the new model. To me, a cheaper, newer model just meant more outsourcing to China with a corresponding drop in quality. Well, even though I can’t compare the 51619 to the 51609, I can say I’m completely 100% happy with the Toro 51619 Ultra.Having reached middle age, I just couldn’t stomach the thought of another…