The Gardener’s Friend Folding Pruning Saw, Lightweight, D-Saw is Easy to Use, Small Weak Hands, Safety Latch, Great Gift

The gardener’s friend folding pruning d-saw makes pruning branches like cutting butter! this innovative, ergonomically designed pruning saw makes pruning much easier for people with hand mobility issues! when I first became aware of my increasing hand weakness I began to search the world for great products to make my life easier. I run a large tree nursery growing over 30,000 trees and pruning is an everyday part of life! so we need great tools! we first developed “the gardener’s friend 3-stage ratchet pruners” which has changed my life! (just copy this into the amazon search bar above). With both arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome I can prune now without painful nights. True story! then we developed the gardener’s friend ratchet mini-loppers which are a bit more rugged, two handed tool with telescoping handles allowing larger cuts. But we still needed a great hand pruning saw for those larger cuts, one I could carry around in my pocket. Voila ‘the gardener’s friend folding pruning d-saw was born! these were the benefits we needed: ergonomic pruning saw with lightweight but strong construction. A prune saw blade that will easily cut 6″ limbs folding action with safety locking on and off. A saw we can use for work, camping or backpacking what makes this product special is that people with reduced hand function can use it with ease! you won’t find a better hand saw for the money anywhere! why not buy several and give them as gifts to your friends and family. Click the “add to cart” button at the top of this page to buy now.

Product Features

  • Awesome gift – designed for gardeners with weak hands and mobility problems
  • Simple safety latch that locks the foldable pruning saw both ways, lock-on, lock-off to minimize risk of injury and maximize safe usage
  • Very sharp 8″ blade with 7 teeth per inch which will cut though hardwood, softwood, plastic, bone but not recommended for metal
  • Ideal for backyard gardening but this pruning tool is also super useful for backpackers, campers and camping
  • The gardeners friend folding d- handle saw will make an incredible gardening gift for the camping, backpacking or gardening friend or family member

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3 Responses to The Gardener’s Friend Folding Pruning Saw, Lightweight, D-Saw is Easy to Use, Small Weak Hands, Safety Latch, Great Gift

  1. Bargnhtress says:

    Handy Little Saw! This is a handy little saw. It has a million uses around our property. I can cut small branches myself instead of having to wait for my husband to do it. It folds up so it is easy to store. It is also much safer than a regular saw in that way. It has a nice sharp blade and can saw through branches as fast as a regular saw. I can keep it in the house and grab it when I see a branch I want to saw off instead of having to go to the tool shed and bring out a big saw. It is easy to hold and…

  2. Chiemi Matsumoto says:

    Easy and Safe to Use

  3. KJF says:

    Sticks and slips easily. Got dull after third use