Sun Joe SWJ803E-PRP 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw, Purple

SAW WHAT YOU SEE! Tackle those hard-to-reach branches with ease. The Sun Joe SWJ803E electric pole chain saw takes the danger and difficulty out of trimming your overgrown trees. Stand safely on solid ground and simply adjust SWJ803E’s telescoping pole to gain up to 14 feet of overhead reach. Powered by a robust 8-amp motor, the SWJ803E’s multi-angle head can handle the most stubborn tree limbs up to 9.5-inches thick. It features a durable, 10-inch Oregon bar and chain with an auto-oiler to keep the bar and chain fully lubricated during use. Unlike gas-powered tools, SWJ803E is powered electrically, so you’ll reliably power up with the push of a button without having to deal with smoke, fumes, unpredictable starters or costly tune-ups. Plus the SWJ803E comes equipped with a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental starting. The Sun Joe SWJ803E electric pole chain saw carries a full two-year warranty. Sound Power Level – 100 dB

Product Features

  • Ideal for cutting overhanging limbs and thin logs.
  • Telescoping pole extends to 7.2 ft providing up to 14 ft of overhead reach
  • Multi-angle head adjusts from 0° to 30°.
  • Powerful 8-amp motor cuts branches up to 9.5-inches thick.
  • 10-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain with automatic lubrication.

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3 Responses to Sun Joe SWJ803E-PRP 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw, Purple

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure how this thing has so many good reviews. I thought I was going to love this. It worked great for the first 15 minutes or so of on/off cutting through branches less than 4″ and then it happened – the chain came loose and fell off the bar. I replaced the chain, tightened everything up and it worked for a few more minutes before it happened again. It was like that on and off for about 2 hours, then I called it quits. Basically a 30 minute job, turned into a 2 hour saga. I tried one more time today hoping against all odds that it work. I…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good chain saw for a home owner. I’m very happy with this chain saw.I bought it back in November when it was on sale, but just got around to using it this past weekend. It made quick work of some pretty large limbs (8-10″ diameter).This saw seems to be decent quality for seasonal residential use, and should serve me well for years to come. If you’re a professional or own a large property with lots of tree’s, you’d probably want to invest in a higher quality tool. Assembly was easy, basically just…

  3. Anonymous says:

    As what you would expect for the price It is what it is supposed to be, a cheap tree saw for cutting down limbs. If you wanted a great saw, you needed to buy a Stihl or Husqvarna, but then again you would be spending at least $400 for one of those, and maybe more. I have had many a Stihl, and this does not compare to that, so if that is what you want, you will HAVE to buy a gas saw, no electric will satisfy you. But if you are ok with a cheaper saw to trim out your trees, and are fairly close to an outlet, this will do the job…