Schumacher SE-3010 10/30/200 Amp Fast Charge Starter Charger

The Schumacher Farm and Ranch Charger is a portable, high-output charger with 6V and 12V capabilities. Ideal for heavy-duty work. 3 separate settings deliver 200 Amps for emergency or engine starting, 30 Amps for 1 to 3 hr. fast charging, or 10 Amps for 3 to 5 hr. everyday charging. Not available in CA and OR. Cable Length (in.): 72, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 13 x 12 x 10 3/4, Charges Multiple Batteries (qty.): No, Volts: 6, 12, Recharge Time (hours at amps): 3-5 at 10; 1-3 at 30, Power Cord (ft.): 6, Wheel Type: No, Polarity Reversal Protection: Yes, Amp Charge Rate: 10/30, Amps: 10/30/200, Charger Type: Manual, Settings (qty.): 5, Overcharge Protection: No, Case Material: Steel

Product Features

  • For farm, marine, RV, and home use
  • Back lit for constant charging status
  • For 6 and 12 volt batteries
  • Reverse hook-up protection
  • 6′ power cord and output cables for 12′ reach
  • This product cannot be shipped to Oregon or California
  • Not compatible with the WM-12 or EC-25 quick connect cables

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3 Responses to Schumacher SE-3010 10/30/200 Amp Fast Charge Starter Charger

  1. E. Solch says:

    Not good quality

  2. Brandon Oltman says:

    Great product. Need a fast charge

  3. Rex W. says:

    A charger that actually works Have used this several times to charge 4 6 volt/225Ah golf cart batteries in parallel/series combo. [This gives me about 500Ah @ 12.6 volts] The fancy chargers kept turning off. This did the job. Yes you do have to know when to turn it off — but you should know that anyway. If you want a battery charger that will do the job — then get this. By the way — this has some weight to it — it actually feels like a battery charge. The only negative would be the plastic handle. I would have…