Ryobi P135 18V One+ 6 Port Lithium Ion Battery Supercharger (18V Batteries Not Included/Charger Only)

This is the piece of hardware you need if you have a large number of Ryobi batteries that need charging. The P135 supercharger holds up to six of any Ryobi battery. This is able to charge some models like the P102 in only a half an hour. This particular system optimizes storage space with the convenient carrying handle. You can either lay it flat on its side or vertically on either one of its ends. You can even mount it on a wall with the conveniently located brackets on the back. Imagine the possibilities with all of that extra space freed up.The P135 system even has you covered if you need to charge your smartphone. It has a USB port for anything you’d need using that technology. Leave your dead batteries in the P135 overnight after a long work day, return in the morning, and your fuel cells will be charged and ready to go at it for another day, every day.

Product Features

  • CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES: Up to six Ryobi batteries can be charged in this system, from the One+ Lithium Ion system to older NI-CD batteries
  • MULTIPLE STORAGE SOLUTIONS: Keep the charger vertical, horizontal, or hang it on a wall with onboard mounts
  • USB CAPABLE: Plug in a usb 2.1 cable (not included) and charge your phone along with your power tool batteries
  • FUEL GAUGE: Blinking LEDs indicate whether your batteries are charging, charged, or damaged
  • TEMPERATURE GAUGE is also built in, giving you added information

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3 Responses to Ryobi P135 18V One+ 6 Port Lithium Ion Battery Supercharger (18V Batteries Not Included/Charger Only)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Works great but it seems to only charge one battery at …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Limited choice … take it or leave it Once you’ve invested in the Ryobi tools (which I love, they just keep getting better) you’re pretty much stuck with this charger. I ordered it again today after buying the last one on January 3rd, 2017. Very early on the position 2 and 4 slots ceased to work, but I had just 4 batteries to charge so I didn’t worry about it. I’ve gotten good service out of the remaining ports, but just under 2 years seems a very skimpy product life. Not thrilled by having to buy it again so soon but resigned…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Perfect for the power user