Ryobi P117 – 18-Volt One+ Dual Chemistry IntelliPort Charger

The Ryobi P117 intelliport charger to charge all 18V batteries that are part of the One+ system.

Product Features

  • Brand New in Retail Packaging
  • Dual chemistry P117 charger charges all 18V ONE+TM batteries in 1 hour or less
  • Requires 120V 60HZ input power and has the standard 2 prong North American plug.

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2 Responses to Ryobi P117 – 18-Volt One+ Dual Chemistry IntelliPort Charger

  1. megavoyager says:

    This is the one to get ! if you’re going to buy a new ryobi charger, then you should buy one like this that can handle dual-chemistry batteries (Li-ion and Ni-Cd or Ni-MH). i just bought one of these p117 chargers from a well-known auction site (significantly cheaper than this), and it has revived a ryobi p100 battery that the stock charger said was defective and refused to charge. now i’m waiting for a couple of p107 Li-ion batteries (…

  2. Matthew H. Booher says:

    Revitalized my old Ryobi 18v P100 batteries After reading other reviews, I decided to try this unit. I had the old-school Ryobi 18v charger, and my three Ryobi P100 batteries were not holding their charge.I purchased this charger and two of my old batteries which would not keep a charge HAVE been revitalized! Rather than spending the money for the Ryobi Lithium Batteries, this was a much less expensive way to go, plus not having to recycle my old batteries. The lithium batteries are expensive, so this was an inexpensive…