Ryobi OP242 24 Volt Lithium Battery for Edger and Hedge Trimmer 56WH

With its long-lasting charge, the Ryobi Lithium 24-Volt Cordless Battery for Ryobi 24-Volt Cordless Tools is great for use as an extra battery for larger demands. The New Lithium-ion Battery offers fade free power from start to finish. The Ryobi 24-Volt battery also had an easy to read onboard battery gauge to inform you how much charge is left in the battery.

Product Features

  • 24-volt Ryobi Lithium Battery
  • For use with Ryobi 24-volt cordless tools, including RYU2420, RY24201, RY24600A, RY4061 and RY24601
  • Back-up power for large jobs
  • 1-hour quick charge
  • Works with charger OP140A

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2 Responses to Ryobi OP242 24 Volt Lithium Battery for Edger and Hedge Trimmer 56WH

  1. Papa T says:

    Huge Difference from the Batteries the Units Come With. Big difference in output and run time. Returned the 24 volt system it is not nearly as strong as the 40 volt bad boy. It is only 16 more volts but man does it make a difference. If you are going to use the 24 volt system, then you NEED this upgraded 24 volt battery. The slim batteries the 24 volt tools come with are the slim versions which in the Weed Wacker equals about 15 minutes of use most of the time it really only lasts 10 minutes.. Throw this bigger 24 volt bad boy in and you get more then double the run time, 35 min if your…

  2. Stuart L. says:

    it seems to be fine as i have used it once so far but …