Robomow RS622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower – Install kit included

The all new Robomow RS622 is a feature packed robotic lawn mower designed for lawn areas up to 23,000 sq ft or lots up to 1/2 acre. The Robomow RS622 is able to cope with St. Augustine grass, with double wide wheels, specialized mowing blade with cutting height up to 3.14 inches. Pine cones, small twigs, thick lawns, St. Augustine grass* and high grass are no match for the 22 inch cut blade motors on the Robomow RS22. Two strong, 11 inch stainless steel, three-star cutting blades are attached to the motor for a total of 22 inch cutting width. The Robomow RS622 is the “Friendliest” robotic lawn mower in the US market. It comes with everything you need to install on your yard without having to buy additional accessories. Robomow RS622 comes with 1,000 feet of perimeter wire and 400 pegs. That’s enough to materials to cover almost an 1/2 acre lot. It also ships complete with water-tight wire connectors for splicing, base station for automatic charging, Roboruler for wire placement!

Product Features

  • Installation kit included.
  • Base Station- Robomow is charged at the Base Station and stays there between operations. Robomow independently departs from the Base Station, cuts the lawn and returns for charging until the next operation. Remote Control- Robomow’s Remote Control is used for cutting small patches of grass that cannot be reached in automatic operation. The Remote Control is available as an accessory (MRK5004B)
  • Slopes- Robomow can mow areas inside the working area with slopes of up to 36 %; Rain Sensor- Allows the user to choose whether or not Robomow will operate when sensing rain or High humidity.
  • Multiple zones- Robomow can handle lawns with several zones and mow each one individually.
  • Child Lock- This is a safety feature to help prevent children or others not familiar with the safe operation of Robomow from operating it.

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2 Responses to Robomow RS622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower – Install kit included

  1. RyanRH says:

    Pricey but worth it I researched robotic mowers for a while and decided on this one after reading reviews. I’m probably not the typical person being that I’m a software architect and a robot enthusiest but this is a great product. The setup does take some time, for me it was about 5 hours with some debugging since I tried to hack it a bit but it mowed my 1/3 acre of lawn and each day I wake up to a cut lawn. I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough parmeter wire but I had an additional spool left over. The…

  2. Kindle Customer says:

    Great Customer Service !!! Great Design !!! Great robot mower. I recently had a problem, and contacted customer support via email explaining it. The customer support representative immediately understood the problem, and then went online & connected to my mower and diagnosed the problem using their ability to connect to my mower using the serial number. Amazing they could do that!! – He found that the right side motor (of the two motors in this model) had a fault, and he immediately shipped a replacement motor, and included a…