PowerSmith PC1401 40V Max Lithium-Ion Battery Charger – Eco Friendly, Energy Efficient Replacement Battery Charger for PowerSmith’s Battery-Powered Lawn Tools

Looking for an eco-friendly way to do yard work? If you’re using PowerSmith’s rechargeable lawn tools, you’ll need our 40V MAX lithium-ion battery charger to get the job done. Our battery charger is exclusive to the PowerSmith line of products and can be used with any 40V MAX PowerSmith tool, from the battery-powered hedge trimmer to the cordless chainsaw. Designed with smart charging capability, the battery charger delivers the optimal charge each time. The charger’s input is 100-200V, 50-60Hz and its output is 20V 1.8Ax2.

Product Features

  • Recharge at any time, battery pack charge maintenance not necessary to maintain consistent capacity.
  • Charge indication light lets you know when your battery is charged.
  • Fully charge batteries as quickly as 75 minutes.
  • Compatible with the PowerSmith 40V Max line of tools.

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