Powerextra 80V 3.0Ah Replacement Battery Compatible with Greenworks PRO 80V Lithium Ion Battery GBA80200

greenworks pro 80v

Product Features

  • Brand New | Powerextra Lithium-ion Replacement Battery for Greenworks 80v Pro|3000 mAh.
  • Compatible with Greenworks 80v System,completely meets GreenWorks OEM battery standards.
  • Integrated with LED Battery charge level make it easier to monitor battery charge.
  • Top A grade Samsung Lithium battery cells,can be charged freely without memory effect,built-in safety PCB prevents overcharging and other malfunction to prolong battery life.
  • 100% QC of this products,CE certified,30-day money back and a 12 months limited warranty.

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3 Responses to Powerextra 80V 3.0Ah Replacement Battery Compatible with Greenworks PRO 80V Lithium Ion Battery GBA80200

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fits, charges, works, 3.0ah questionable Update 8/4/18:. I’ve used the battery a few times, and it lasts almost exactly the same usage as the OEM 2Ah standard run battery. It was definitely not half again as long. I decided to forego any warranty, pop the case open to see what was inside, and let everyone here know what I found. The case itself is very similar to the OEM, with the venting holes being the main difference. The battery support material inside the case is a bit thinner and less robust, but I don’t think it would matter…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not noticibly longer run time than Greenwork’s 2.0 Ah battery I bought this battery instead of Greenwork’s battery primarily because it was supposed to be 3.0 Ah instead of 2.0Ah.Used in my string trimmer, I could not tell an obvious difference in run time. That’s a subjective assessment, as power usage during use is not uniform. I will continue to compare the two batteries and will upgrade this review if this battery does indeed run longer. If anyone has an easy test of battery capacity, please let me know.It was $7 cheaper and is approx…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does not work correctly with Greenworks mower I got this in addition to the 4ah battery that comes with the Greenworks 80v mower. I used this one first, and it would constantly turn off the mower, and beep. I could do some work, but within a minute, it would shut off. I struggled with this, and thought it was the mower. I put the Greenworks battery in, and it did not shut off once.I can’t say for sure this particular battery is defective, but my guess is they are all problematic with the mower. But, who knows? Either way,…