Oregon Poulan S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman, Homelite, Basic Pack

Oregon S-Series 91 low profile chain features top-performing chamfer chisel cutters & a notched bumper drive link for low-kickback performance, good chip flow & smooth cutting action. 91vg saw chain is specially designed to incorporate all the advantages of our professional Series In a consumer style, low-kickback saw chain. 91vg is ideal for occasional users, but is also extremely well suited for commercial cutters such as arborists & orchardists who prefer small size saws & lightweight low-profile 91-type saw chain that conforms to low kickback performance requirements for the United States & Canada. Size: 18″ Drive Links: 62 pitch: 3/8″ Gauge: 0.050″ Chain type: 91vg fits Homelite, Poulan, Poulan Pro & other models recommended saw size: up to 42cc, bar length: up to 18″ (46cm) advanced grind geometry, significantly improve out-of-box sharpness & gives dramatic speed improvements & cutting efficiency chamfer chisel cutters’ Twin cutting corners offer outstanding performance, durability & easy maintenance ramp-shaped depth Gauge help reduce kickback without affecting performance bumper tie straps with slots deliver low-kickback performance lubrilink tie straps help keep oil where it’s needed – on the chain lubriwell oil holes help carry oil around the full length of the guide bar’s groove vibe-ban chassis design reduces vibration 25% or more at the chainsaw’s handles S-Series saw chain also features four-way symmetrical tie straps which simplifies the joining of chain loops low-profile design complements the effects of kickback-reducing features & results in a smaller volume of chain material being pulled through the kerf 91vg is a green label, low kickback chain that meets the performance requirement of ANSI B175.1 (USA). Recommended types of use: occasional commercial recommended saw Sizes: 91vg is intended for use with electric saws & smaller gaThe Oregon single-pack premium chain is their best hard-chromed cutter chain. The advanced technology used in making this chain ensures tough, sharp cutters with maximum wood bite and easy sharpening. Used as original equipment on most chain saws, Oregon chain is used by more professional loggers than any other chain.

Product Features

  • Not all chains will fit all saws brands mentioned on the packaging, to make sure you are getting the correct part call Oregon Customer Care at 1-800-223-5168
  • Precision cutting chain, heat-treated, and hard-chromed cutter chain
  • Unique cutter design cuts smooth and fast with minimum kickback
  • Engineered for safety, performance, and quality
  • Advanced technology ensures tough, sharp cutters
  • Semi chisel

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2 Responses to Oregon Poulan S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman, Homelite, Basic Pack

  1. Anonymous says:

    Performs best when new, doesn’t hold an edge after sharpening I have been using my Poulan Pro Wild Thing for 10 years, and gone through one original Poulan chain and 3 sets of this Oregon S62 chain (along with 2 Oregon bars). I think the reviewers who raved that the Oregon chain cuts much better and lasts longer than the Poulan are mistakenly comparing a new Oregon chain against a worn and tired Poulan chain. I always got a smile on my face after installing a new Oregon S62 chain, but it quickly disappears after cutting for only 15-30 minutes. After that,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cheaper than sharpening!