Oregon 90PX052G Low Profile 3/8-Inch Pitch 0.043-Inch Gauge 52-Drive Link Saw Chain

90PX chain is part of a Micro-Lite narrow-kerf cutting system that requires less power from the saw to cut than standard cutting systems. This saw chain designed for consumer use but can also be used for certain semi-pro uses like arborists, orchardists and utility workers. The 90PX is manufactured with Oregon’s new bumper drive link which increases efficiency and complies with ANSI B175.1 kickback standard. This is the updated version of Oregon 90S and 90SG saw chain.

Product Features

  • Oregon 90PX052G 3/8″ Low Profile .043″ Gauge 52 Drive Link Saw Chain
  • Narrow .043″ gauge helps reduce the weight of the bar-chain combination approximately 15%
  • Always install 90PX chains on a .043″ gauge Double Guard bar (MLE part numbers) to obtain all the advantages of the Micro-Lite system
  • Low-vibration chamfer chisel cutters have an angular shape with twin cutting corners for excellent performance and edge-holding durability
  • Standard Sequence; Recommended Bar Lengths: Up to 16in. (40cm) Recommended Saw Sizes: Up to 42cc

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2 Responses to Oregon 90PX052G Low Profile 3/8-Inch Pitch 0.043-Inch Gauge 52-Drive Link Saw Chain

  1. Anonymous says:

    Performs just like the original 90PX052… This is an Oregon 90PX052 chain, it is: – made in the U.S.A., – is for 14″ bar-guides with a .043″ kerf, – has 52 drive links, 26 of which are connecting links and 26 of which are cutters, – is for a 3/8″ low-profile sprocket, and – “Oregon” is stamped on every linkThe product suffix on Oregon 90PX052 chains (XMA, G, or CK) denotes the type of box (packaging) the chain comes in. The chains themselves are identical, so buy the least…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oregon makes great stuff and it is all I look for At another time, in another life… I used to run a power equipment shop in New Hampshire. I sold and serviced Stihl & Husqvarna chain saws and many of my clientele were professional loggers. For replacement chains I only carried two brands – Stihl and Oregon, and I sold a lot more Oregon chains than the other brand. I would buy prepackaged for homeowners and I would buy bulk chain and cut and link my own chains to sell to the pros. After leaving the state, I sold all my personal saws and…