LiBatter Powerful 40V Battery 6Ah 240Wh Compatible with Ryobi 40V Tools (6Ah-Black)

Compatible With Ryobi 40-Volt Tools OP4026A OP40261

Product Features

  • Battery Type: Li-ion, Voltage:40V, Capacity: 6000mAh;
  • More power, longer runtimes and increased durability
  • Durable,built in impact protection.
  • Replacement for Ryobi 40-volt lithium-ion tools
  • 30 days Money back guarantee & 12 months Warranty

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2 Responses to LiBatter Powerful 40V Battery 6Ah 240Wh Compatible with Ryobi 40V Tools (6Ah-Black)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Got yellow and black, fit as well as OEMs and work better! Fit and work great. To my surprise (and delight), my batteries were yellow and black following the Dewalt color scheme, not gray as the picture shows. They seem to last longer then my OEM NiCad batteries and with NI-MH there is no memory effect degrading your batteries so you can also charge them any time without having to drain them all the way before recharging as is the case with NiCads to maximize their battery life. No problems charging them using any of my OEM Dewalt chargers…

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Must have receive a defective one: 40v aftermarket Ryobi battery. Battery received within 24 hours after ordering: KUDOs to Amazon! – Regarding Product: prior to use, battery was charged on a Ryobi 40v OEM unit to full. Operating a Ryobi 40v jet fan blower, 30 minutes run time was observed which was less then an OEM battery of lesser wattage. During the use, the battery cut out intermittently-causing the blower to cut in/out of operation. Based on the inconsistent performance, battery was returned. IMHO I would stick with Ryobi batteries. Also note:…