Ivation Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw – 8″ Inch Chain, 6.5-Amp Motor, 15′ Foot Above Ground Reach – Automatic Self-Lubricating – BONUS Oil Bottle Included

Garden care is now within your reach.

Tend to your shrubs, bushes and trees with the new Telescoping Self-Lubricating Electric Pole Chain Saw from Ivation and make easy work of manicuring your entire garden. Packing a powerful yet lightweight motor that’s rated at an impressive 6.5 amps, our chain saw handles everything from gentle trimming to full-on stump making with equal ease. It’s also mindfully powered by electricity rather than gas in a spirit of environmental consciousness. After all, what you want is to beautify your green garden – not to kill it off.

No Ladder Required

Accomplish all the cutting without any of the climbing. The telescoping handle extends to a total reach of over 8 feet, enabling you to reach tall branches and twigs without the need for a ladder. It’s also perfect for reaching over the hedge.

Self-Tensioning Chain

Measuring a full 8 inches, the sawing chain effortlessly slices through everything from weeds to solid woods. The chain is also equipped with an advanced self-tensioning mechanism, requiring little to no maintenance after initial assembly.

Reduced Hand Vibrations

Combining the handle’s ergonomic profile with a soft rubber wrap improves comfort over prolonged use periods. The rubber also reduces the transfer of the chainsaw’s vibrations to your hands.

Built-In Lubrication Tank

The oil tank holds 80ml and the internal lubrication system automatically applies the oil as needed to keep the chain running smoothly. A small window on the side of the chainsaw serves as an oil level gauge, and a BONUS bottle oil is included.

Oregon Bar with Cover

The Oregon bar and chain are proven to last and last – through many years of happy garden maintenance. For safety and optimal storage during the winter months, the included plastic cover slides over the bar and chain for full coverage.

Product Features

  • Telescoping Pole Saw Reaches 8.8 Feet to Provide 15′ feet High Above Ground Reach to Cut Tall Branches Without a Ladder
  • Self-Tension Oregon Sawing Chain Measures 8″ with a Powerful 6.5 Amp Electric Motor to Effortlessly Slice Through Thick and Thin Branches and Logs
  • Ergonomic Handle is Rubber Wrapped for Comfort and Reduced Hand Fatigue, Easy Flip and Lock Clamps Allow for Secure and Quick Adjusting of Pole Length
  • Automatic Lubrication System Keeps Chain Cutting Smoothly; BONUS Oil Bottle Included
  • Included Plastic Cover Slides Over Blade for Safety and Storage Throughout Winter, CSA Approved with 1 Year Warranty

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2 Responses to Ivation Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw – 8″ Inch Chain, 6.5-Amp Motor, 15′ Foot Above Ground Reach – Automatic Self-Lubricating – BONUS Oil Bottle Included

  1. J. Pappan says:

    Excellent build quality, turns a project into a task Over the past several years, each of my homes have had both palm trees and evergreens of some sort. Both require annual trimming, and in the case of the evergreens, sometimes more often. Up until now I’ve used the extendable cutting saw made by Fiskars, which is a quality product and has worked well. This is the first time I’ve used a telescoping electric chainsaw, although I’ve owned traditional chainsaws in the past for tree removal. After using this for some casual tree trimming, here are my…

  2. ashertopia says:

    Outstanding Saw! A full video from unboxing through use can be found here:[…]My video covers everything from unboxing to putting it together to use to final product.Some of the things I love: This telescoping pole saw can extend to nearly 8 feet! It is simple to put together and very easy to use. The saw cuts through trees and brush, in my experience, up to 6-8 inches across. I also used it on a stump that was slightly more than double that…