HUSQVARNA 536 Li XP Battery Ch

Eliminate the hassle of gas and/or power cords with Husqvarna’s new battery-powered equipment line, including the Husqvarna 536 LiXP Cordless Chainsaw. Battery performance offers high power, reliable operation, and equal run times to a gas operated chainsaw. Operate this chainsaw from a keypad where you will find the start, stop, and savE buttons. SavE mode conserves energy for maximum run times. And, with its lightweight and balance design, this chainsaw is offers easy operation with ergonomics in mind. Battery and Charger options for this unit are sold separately » Li-ion Power: Avoid the hassle of gas and receive long lasting power with the li-ion battery. Not included with chainsaw. One Battery Fits All: Choose one battery to run all of the Husqvarna battery powered equipment. Sold Separately Brushless Motor: High, consistent torque is offered with this brushless motor that is 25% more efficient than a standard brush motor. Battery Performance: Reliable operation, high power, and equal performance to a gas operated chainsaw, without the emissions. Get as much done on 1 charge that you would on one tank of gas. SavE Mode: Choose this mode to save energy for maximum run time. Keypad: Operate this chainsaw from an intuitive keypad where you will find the start, stop and savE button. Chain Speed: Complete your job quickly with a high speed chain designed for fast, smooth cutting. Ergonomically Designed: With a weight of only 5 lbs. and balanced for easy operation, this chainsaw is designed with ergonomics in mind. Eyelets: Connect a rope to the two eyelets on the frame. Inertia Activated Chain Brake: Injury due to kickback is reduced.

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