Husqvarna 100 Series Cordless Power Tool BLi20 Lithium Ion Battery (2 Pack)

You can’t have power tools without power. The Husqvarna 100-Series Power Tool BLi20 Battery Replacement insures that you have enough power to get the job done without the hassles of extension cords. This 36-volt rechargeable battery has a 2 1/3 hours charge time to reach full power. You can see how much power you have left in the battery with its 3-LED charge indicator. To use, just snap it easily into any of your Husqvarna 100-series power tools, including your chainsaw. It’ll even stay cool while you use it. You can stop worrying about power cords that limit where you can take your tools. Get your freedom back with the Husqvarna BLi20 Battery.

Product Features

  • Easy, snap-in battery that’s compatible with the complete Husqvarna 100-series, including chainsaws and trimmers
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with 36 volts of power and a charge capacity of 4 Ah
  • Features 3-LED charge indicator so you know how much power you have
  • Stays cool in use
  • Estimated battery charge time: 2 1/3 hours

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