Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower, Handheld, Lightweight, 23.9cc 2 Cycle Engine, Class Leading 441 CFM, 170 MPH, Commercial Grade, 7 Year Warranty

Covered by Hitachi’s industry leading 7-year Consumer warranty, the RB24EAP hand held blower is one of the lightest (8.6 lbs) and most powerful (at 441 CFM) blowers in its class. Available to both homeowners and professionals, the RB24EAP features a purge primer for quick and simple starts, a low emission PureFire engine and a large two finger throttle for easier operation. The exceptional balance and light weight make it ideal for small clean up, while it has the power to handle larger yard work.Built to make quick work of big cleanup tasks, the Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Blower uses a 23.9 cc commercial-grade engine. It features PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology, a large two-finger throttle lever, and an auto-return stop switch. It offers an air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute and delivers air speeds up to 170 miles per hour for effective debris removal.

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Handheld Blower
At a Glance:

  • 23.9 cc, 1.13-horsepower commercial-grade engine
  • 441 cfm air volume with speeds up to 170 miles per hour for effective debris removal
  • Auto-return stop switch simplifies startups
  • PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology reduces fumes
  • CARB Tier III compliant
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Hitachi handheld blower
A 1.13 horsepower engine generates air speeds of 170 miles an hour making debris removal fast and easy. View larger.
7 Year Consumer Warranty

Efficient, Low-Emission Engine
Whether your cleanup job is big or small, your blower can only perform as well as the engine behind it. This Hitachi blower’s 23.9 cc, 1.13-horsepower commercial-grade engine features PureFire low-emission two-stroke technology. Fewer fumes mean safer operation and less environmental impact. This design makes the blower CARB Tier III compliant for use in California.

High Air Volume and Velocity for Quick Debris Movement
The blower produces an air velocity of 170 miles per hour when used with the included taper nozzle. It has an air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute, which means it’s suitable for big jobs–such as autumn leaf removal–and quick tasks–such as removing stray grass clippings.

Lightweight Design for User Comfort
Thanks to a lightweight design, this handheld blower is easy to maneuver. It weighs 8.6 pounds for reduced user fatigue, and it features a large two-finger throttle lever for easy operation.

For further convenience, the blower’s auto-return stop switch automatically resets to the “on” position to simplify startups.

Warranty Information
This Hitachi handheld blower is backed by a seven-year consumer warranty. When used in non-rental commercial applications, the blower is covered by a two-year warranty. When used in rental applications, it is covered by a one-year warranty.

What’s in the Box
Hitachi handheld blower, taper nozzle, owner’s manual

Product Features

  • Class leading air volume at 441 CFM for excellent debris movement
  • Lightweight (only 8.6 lbs) & well-balanced for comfortable use and less fatigue
  • 23.9 cc Commercial grade 2-stroke engine for outstanding power & longer life
  • Industry leading warranty- 7-year consumer use, 2-year commercial use, 1-year rental use
  • Produces an impressive air velocity of 170 MPH (with taper nozzle)
  • Large two-finger throttle lever for easier operation
  • Features PureFire low emission 2-stroke engine technology for a better environment
  • NOTE: Refer User Guide on Technical Specification before use

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3 Responses to Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower, Handheld, Lightweight, 23.9cc 2 Cycle Engine, Class Leading 441 CFM, 170 MPH, Commercial Grade, 7 Year Warranty

  1. M. Scroggins says:

    Its a great unit but cover your bases before ordering I read the reviews about this unit and saw a thread where one of the reviewers mentioned that you should make sure you have a local service center before ordering. Here is the rub – once you put fuel in it, you wont be able to ship the unit anywhere (by law) for repair/returns etc. I went online and saw a service center within 10 miles of me, so I ordered. It arrived and I was quite pleased.. but after a few uses, suddenly it wont fire anymore. I am guessing the switch has failed as it…

  2. John W says:

    A good blower but beware of ethanol fuel and performance issues related to fuel line deterioration Lightweight, a little loud, but really throws a huge volume of air! It’s much better performance than the leaf vac/blower combo I replaced. Plus the blower tube stays on the blower, my old one would always fall off.I bought this blower in Sept 2011 and got 3 solid summers out of it with no issues at all. 4th summer was a different story, as I started to experience stalling issues. It would start back up then stall again. I looked at the fuel lines and found the black tube was…

  3. Steven W. S. says:

    A Venerable Blower Over the decades I have tried 4-cycle, 2-cycle, and electric leaf blowers. I bought this blower from Amazon October of 2011, after my 4-cycle Sears Craftsman prematurely bit the dust. The Hitachi RB24EAP has been, by far, the best blower I have used. I always use gasoline by Mobil or BP paired with Stabil fuel stabilizer. I never empty the gas tank, except at the beginning of each winter. Despite this, I have never had problems with deteriorating fuel lines, as other reviewers have…