FLORO 7” Folding Hand Saw – Manganese Steel Folding Trim Pruner with Safety Lock – Convenient, Lightweight Gardening Tool – Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle – Ideal for Tree, Shrubs, Twigs Pruning

Strong Steel Blade with Triple Cut Teeth Constructed with quality, durability and functionality in mind, the Floro Folding Hand Saw is made with rustproof manganese steel that has just the right amount of flexibility and stays sharp for many years for long-term trimming requirements. The triple cut razor teeth are hardened for extra wear resistance and remain uncoated to reduce friction and create rapid, smooth and quiet sawing through tree trunks and branches. The blade and handle joints are fixed with stainless steel rivets so they remain firmly in place. There is an adjustable bolt that can be loosened or tightened to prevent wobbling of blades. Designed with Absolute Safety The 7″ (19.6cm) rugged blade folds securely into the 8.9″ (22.6cm) handle; when fully opened, the pocket saw is a total length of 16.6″ (42.2cm). Ergonomic and non-slip, the red rubber handle is especially designed for optimum comfort, a secure, sure grip comfort and effort saving efficiency. When the sharp steel blade is folded into the handle, it is fully enclosed with no exposed teeth. The lock-in blade stays securely closed with a secure safety lock that prevents the folding saw from opening and closing accidentally. Multi-Purpose Outdoor Tool With a high quality rugged blade with solid grip, the folding garden saw is great for right and left-handed gardeners, arborists and outdoor enthusiasts. The sharp blade improves your garden work efficiency while the rubber handle keeps your palms from hurting. Place the all-purpose saw in your toolbox, backpack, garden shed, utility closet or use the handy loophole to hang it from your belt or jacket. Lightweight and convenient to carry when outdoors, whether it’s used as a branch trimmer for the hiking or mountain biking trails, a bone saw to dress game while hunting or prepping firewood while camping. The Floro Portable Manganese Steel Folding Hand Saw is more than a pruner or tree clipper, it is an essential, multi-use survival tool.

Product Features

  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY, HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS — Expertly crafted with high-quality manganese steel and razor sharp triple cut teeth, the 7″ blade is strong, durable, wear-resistant and anti-rust. Firm yet flexible, the Floro Folding Hand Pruning Saw is uncoated to reduce friction and allow for a smoother push and pull cutting motion.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE RUBBER GRIP — Unlike other branch trimmers with cheap plastic handles, the reliable garden saw from Floro has a specially designed ergonomic red rubber handle. The comfortable, non-slip surface provides optimum grip for greater efficiency with less effort, perfect for strong and weak wrists.
  • ✔ EASY TO FOLD, CONVENIENT TO CARRY — The sharp blade of the portable sawtooth folds completely into the handle with no exposed teeth so you can quickly fold the hand saw and toss it in your toolbox, pocket or backpack without worrying about snagging or scratching. An adjustable bolt connects the blade to the handle which can be tightened to prevent hand saw blade wobbling.
  • ✔ SAFETY LOCK TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS — The saw is easy to open & close with a lock. Once folded into the handle, the secure safety lock stops the blade from being accidentally opened or closed. The lock catch must be pressed and held in order for the lock-in blade to appear, preventing unintended injuries.
  • ✔ ESSENTIAL MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL — More than just an amazing pruning and trimming blade, the multi-purpose folding hand saw comes in handy when backpacking, hiking, hunting, camping and working on the job site. The versatile pocket saw cuts through bone, plastics, natural woods and wood composites such as PPC wood.

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