Fiskars n/aa Power-Level Hand Grass Shears, 78206935J, Black/Orange

The innovative design of Fiskars Power-Lever Grass Shears offers power and precision when trimming ornamental grasses. It features Power-Lever technology that multiplies your leverage to make cutting two times easier than single-pivot tools. Razor-sharp, serrated blades grip and hold grass up for perfect cuts every time, and a rust-resistant blade coating provides lasting value. The aluminum handles are lightweight for easy handling without sacrificing durability, and non-slip grips offer comfort and control for right- or left-handed users.

Product Features

  • Ideal for trimming a wide range of ornamental grasses
  • Power-Lever technology multiplies leverage to make cutting up to two times easier than single-pivot tools
  • Serrated blade grips and holds grass up for precise, clean cuts
  • Blade length: 5 inch
  • Lifetime warranty

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2 Responses to Fiskars n/aa Power-Level Hand Grass Shears, 78206935J, Black/Orange

  1. Anonymous says:

    STILL THE SAME FISKARS 7.5 INCH BLADES!! my dad had these shears for many years and I remember how I would watch him sharpening the blades in the shop at the beginning of the grass cutting season, and he would always finish the job by cutting-up a sheet of newspaper to show me how sharp they are. and to always be careful of my fingers when using them!! well I was going to buy the same shears as dad’s but because the length of the blades are listed as 5 in., these can not be the same shears!! after shopping the great amazon selection…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seizing blades Very disappointed to say the least in this product. I now have used two (2) pairs of these shears (having returned the 1st pair) and with both pairs, after about 20 minutes of use, the blades “seize up”. In other words, after a cut, the blades stick together and do not separate back on their own. I need to place my fingers in-between the handle and spread them to open the blades again for the next cut. This does not happen every time but more often then not. Annoying and frustrating and…