EZE-LAP CSG 5/32 2 Chainsaw Sharpener with Super Accurate Guide, 2-Pack

Product Features

  • Use with any drill, even cordless ones
  • Precision guide makes this easy for anyone to use properly
  • Longest lasting and most durable sharpening tools available
  • Will sharpen all cutting teeth, including carbide and high speed steel
  • Made in USA

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2 Responses to EZE-LAP CSG 5/32 2 Chainsaw Sharpener with Super Accurate Guide, 2-Pack

  1. J. Bruha says:

    aggressive sharpeners These are the most aggressive (fastest) diamond sharpeners I have used. The instructions say to use a hand drill to power them, but I have a variable-speed rotary tool, and just use the slowest setting. In the past, the EZE-LAP sharpeners were the longest lasting ones I have used, and I am assuming these will be the same. They are still USA made, according to the packaging, so I don’t have reason to believe they won’t be.The reason for 4 stars instead of 5, are because the guide they…

  2. Mark Billitzer says:

    Excellent Chain-Saw, Chain Sharpening product The EZE-LAP sharpening tools are a brilliant solution to achieving a razor sharp chain-saw cutting edge whilst removing the least material from the chain during the sharpening proceedure.They produce an excellent result quickly, generate minimal dust or residue during sharpening because of the acurate nature of their sharpening gauge.Compared to any other method eg. sharpening with a hand file or using a rotary stone, the EZE-LAP shapeners are in a class of their own.I liked…