Evolution DISCCUT1 12″ Disc Cutter, Orange

Evolution’s electric disc Cutter easily cuts concrete, Stone, brick, and paving, even reinforced concrete, With the supplied 12″ Diamond blade. The powerful 15amp/ 1800W motor makes easy work of the most robust materials and because it is electric there are no harmful fumes, making it ideal for work in enclosed areas. The ergonomic support handles are ideally positioned for perfect balance when cutting and the spindle lock mechanism means blade replacement is quick and simple.

Product Features

  • Robust & versatile the Evolution electric disc cutter easily cuts concrete even tough reinforced concrete, stone, brick, paving and other materials.
  • Safe & economical, the 15Amp (1800W) hi-torque, electric motor means no harmful fumes. Alternative to high maintenance, petrol-powered disc cutters!
  • The ergonomic soft-grip, mid-position, front and rear support handles are positioned -to aid accurate cutting in both horizontal and vertical modes.
  • Supplied with a 12″ diamond blade, the disc cutter can achieve a large 4″ max. cutting depth through progressive / incremental cutting.
  • The safety guard is fully adjustable. The spindle lock mechanism allows simple blade replacement.
  • Easy to use and maintenance free
  • 4-Inch maximum cutting depth
  • This demolition saw is sometimes used as an alternative to a plate compactor, demotion hammer, or jackhammer.

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3 Responses to Evolution DISCCUT1 12″ Disc Cutter, Orange

  1. Anonymous says:

    Updated Review I purchase this tool back in early Dec 2017, used it maybe 4 times within a month and just quit working. When the product worked, it worked well. A tool that doesn’t work is garbage. The price for a tool like this disc cutter, that works, deserves 5 stars, but if it only works for a few times of use, then it doesn’t deserve 1 star. I contacted the manufacturer and left a message. We will see if they stand behind their product. I will change my review should the problem get resolved…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Upgrade your blade upon receiving: Great dollar value – certainly draws some serious current- i used a 10g extension cord on a 20amp (GFI) circuit and ran it for 10mins- I was expecting a little faster cut on each 1″ pass thru a 4″ slab. What I realized was that the “free diamond 💎 blade” wasn’t exactly of the best quality- simply replacing the blade with a higher quality blade by Pearl made a word of difference! Although I’m not recommending to run water, but I did – (with the appropriate PPE AND GFI receptacle)…

  3. Anonymous says:

    This saw is stronger than you are This thing is a BEAST.I used it to make a 16-foot long cut in a 4-inch slab. It took a while, and you have to have some pretty strong arms (and surprisingly, hamstrings) to keep it under control as you walk the cut.Make your line with a sharpie – the dust will obscure anything else. Wear total eye protection, and a half-mask respirator, or else you’ll very quickly fill your eyes and lungs with concrete dust (which goes EVERYWHERE). Make sure you’re using a…