Ego S2 Large 22-Inch PVC Net

The revolutionary EGO S2 Slider landing nets offer the most advanced handle extension technology available to the sport fishing marketplace. With a simple pull or push of the S2 Slider handle grip, it gives the savvy angler complete control of the handle extension length throughout the fish capturing process. The innovative modular platform also allows the handle to detach, providing component interchangability and compact storage.

Product Features

  • 22 inch by 23 inch Hoop
  • 29 inch S2 handle extends to 60 inches
  • Innovative Grip Design
  • Bag depth of 20 inches

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3 Responses to Ego S2 Large 22-Inch PVC Net

  1. Anonymous says:

    for the most part I absolutely love this net

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cant handle saltwater Pro:Works great on the boat. Net slides right out and latches as designed.2 year warrantyYou can buy a very similar handle at Lowes in the painting isle. (Edit: the thread is different and will not work)Con:The foam on the handle will rip or tear. It is not glued down the entire length of the handle.After a year of use in saltwater the net still slides, but the latch will not lock it in place anymore. I guess all the parts are not saltwater friendly…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The was awesome at first The was awesome at first. We’ve caught quite a few bass over 6 pounds this year with the largest being 10. I never felt like the net wasn’t going to hold up to the weight. My only complaint is the where the handle meets the extender. Mine came apart after about 3 weeks of use. It appears to have been glue together. Now my net doesn’t extend correctly. Basically you can just pull the handle away from the extender and it separates instead of being locked together. It would be a great product if…