EcoPro Tools CSBC-DX0010 Chain Saw Combo Kit, 40-volt

Powerful 40v Brushless Motor Chain Saw Combo Kit, Oregon Chain, Oregon Bar, 14″ System, Charger/Battery Included.

Product Features

  • 14″ Oregon chain/bar
  • 1 hour fast charger included (cg-dx0010)
  • 1 battery pack included (bt-dx0010)

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2 Responses to EcoPro Tools CSBC-DX0010 Chain Saw Combo Kit, 40-volt

  1. Prairiegrandma01 says:

    Unexpected Surprise Hoorah!

  2. Steven M. says:

    like other​ sellers are selling Summer is coming. If you need tree cutting done, I really don’t think that this sellers 40 V battery chainsaw can be beat. This EcoPro 14 inch, not 10 inch, like other​ sellers are selling. This chain saw sells on ebay for over three hundred dollars. I did a LOT of research before I bought this chain saw. The electric Remington’s that cleared away fallen trees from my house after Hurricane Andrew and Wilma. I had a gas powered chain saw too. Gas, electric with a cord, technology is now…