Dremel Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool with Battery Charger

Product Features

  • Cordless small rotary tool; compatible with Dremel bit accessories; 1/8-inch collet
  • Small rotary tool ideal for delicate tasks and finer work; 2 speeds (6,500 and 13,000 rpm)
  • Lightweight plastic housing
  • For use with Dremel rotary tool models 7700 and 7300
  • Has a three-hour charging time
  • Charges both 4.8 and 7.2 volt batteries

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3 Responses to Dremel Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool with Battery Charger

  1. Sarah P says:

    Great for trimming dog nails! Accessories DO fit. I bought this for filing my dogs nails! They have thick dark nails that grow quickly, this is the best way to trim their nails as short as possible without hurting the quick.Advice for tool newbies like me that thought the accessories do not fit- I almost returned it because I thought the collet was too small! The black piece is the collet nut, there’s a smaller silver piece inside that is wider at the front, that is the collet. Maybe some people did receive the wrong collet, but…

  2. Shaun and Melyssa says:

    Great for trimming dog nails!! My 65 lb dog is a rescue and is terrified of having his nails clipped, presumably from past painful nail clipping experiences. He also has some black nails and even when I can get him to sit still for clippings I am not comfortable cutting them for fear of cutting the quick and traumatizing him further.I hated seeing him with long nails painfully clicking against the ground (and also scratching me during play-time). With a little bit of patience and conditioning, I trained him to…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got this to use instead of clipping my dogs toenails. I have been using Pedi Paws for years and it worked pretty well but seemed to take forever. This Dremel is GREAT for that purpose. Much faster than anything else I’ve used (and I’ve only used it on the Lo setting). Dremel also sells one specifically for pets toenails–it appears to be the same as this one except for a paw print on it and it costs more. I highly recommend this Dremel over anything I’ve used for grinding dogs nails. It is…