DeWalt DCB612 Flexvolt 20V/60V Max 12.0 Ah Battery

The FLEXVOLT 12.0 Ah Battery provides up to 8X runtime in 20V MAX and delivers ultimate power in 60V MAX and 120V MAX cordless tools. It changes voltage when you go from 20V MAX to 60V MAX tools. Lithium Ion technology delivers performance in the same size as our 9.0 Ah Battery, so it is more powerful in as compact a package as possible. It also includes a built-in LED Fuel Gauge for instant charge status, and is compatible with all 20V MAX tools and chargers. Includes: 20V/60V 12.0 Ah Battery – DCB612.

Product Features

  • Compatible with 20V MAX, 60V MAX, and 120V MAX tools
  • 12.0 Ah capacity for maximum runtime
  • Compatible with all 20V MAX Chargers
  • 3-LED Fuel Gauge charge indicator
  • Operates in outside temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit

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3 Responses to DeWalt DCB612 Flexvolt 20V/60V Max 12.0 Ah Battery

  1. Anonymous says:

    DeWalt, are you really going to hold this battery hostage at this price point? I have 5, Flex 9 batts, 6 Flex 6’s, 5, 40 volt, 7.5’s, and I need 8 of these. DeWalt are you really going to hold the entire FlexVolt line of sales & the 20 volt line of sales of tools hostage to this price point? I have been with you for forever, but this smells of the 36 volt price valuation failure to adopt.Want to see a $299 price on a 2 pack of 12 amp hr, then the tool sales will explode going into the holiday season.Come on, let loose the energy storage Grakin.By the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gets the job done.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Best battery for tools like the DEWALT 120V Max 12″ compound sliding miter saw. There are a few battery powered tools in DEWALT’s lineup which draw a large amount of current. This greatly decreases the run-time between battery swaps while using the tools. One example is the 120V MAX 12″ compound sliding miter saw. That saw is insanely powerful, but it comes at the price of frequent battery swaps compared to other DEWALT tools. The fact that it uses 2 batteries at once to yield 120 Volts, means you need to bring twice as many fully-charged spares along to keep it running…