Crejee 12V 1500MAH lithium battery cordless lawn mower-battery and change included (Onebattery)

Crejee’s cordless trimmer integrates grass cutting , trimmer and mowing into a whole.It is light portable and applies to be used in narrow areas,stone gaps and lawn edges.The lawn mower has telescopic aluminum rod(from 100-140cm) and 90 degrees adjustable tool head.
1500MAH lithium battery idle time is 40min ,charge time is 80min.Motor speed is 9000R/MIN
Also pay attention
Try avoid touch stone for keep motor safe
The machine can’t be used on rainy day
Using the swing of the left and right to cut grass, can improve work efficiency

Product Features

  • Adjustable tool head (90 degrees)
  • Telescopic aluminum rod(from 40 inch-57 inch)
  • using blade instead of straw rope
  • The machine include battery and charger

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