Craftsman Slow Charger 18 Volt # 140295004 with Operator’s Manual

An essential for all your 18V tools, this Craftsman 18.0 volt replacement charger is compact, convenient and delivers a full charge in 3 to 6 hours. Featuring a rugged plastic build, it’s ready for both workbench and jobsite, while specially formulated for NiCd batteries, it delivers just the right power at the right rate to keep your batteries running job after job. Featuring an integrated status light the, Craftsman 18.0 volt charger lets you know when it’s working, and when each battery is ready to go. A perfect fit for your Craftsman NiCd 18 volt batteries, that’s built to deliver a charge that gets countless tools moving, stock up with this essential, and get the power that gets the job done. For use with Craftsman 18V battery packs 13026001, 130139021, 130139020, 1323509, 1323520, 13235009, and 130235020. Does NOT work for Craftsman 18V lawn & garden batteries.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    UPDATE: Received this charger the last week of October, and it started to partially charge late November, and finally stopped charging at all in December. So, this certainly didn’t last long. Seller promptly sent me the refund information, and I just packed up the unit, unfortunately having to add postage, too. Awaiting refund. Meanwhile, I can’t use two tools. Dropped my rating down to 2 stars.OLD: My order arrived promptly. I plugged in the charger right away and it has…