Corona Sharpening Tool, Garden Tool Blade Sharpener, AC 8300

Sharp tools will make better cuts and require less effort to power through cuts. Use the Corona Sharpening Tool/Garden Tool Blade Sharpener to make 4-5 passes on the cutting side of the blade (beveled) and once on the flat edge to remove metal burrs. It takes only a few seconds but will help keep your tools cutting like new.Founded in the early 1920s, Corona is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, Corona’s proven designs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals and avid gardeners alike. Limited lifetime warranty.

Product Features

  • SMALL, CONVENIENT SIZE: Easily fits in a pocket or tool bag.
  • NON-SLIP GRIP FOR EASY USE: Rubber grip helps prevent slipping, keeping you safe while shapening.
  • 5″ SUPER CARBIDE FILE: File is durable and designed to be comforable to hold.

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3 Responses to Corona Sharpening Tool, Garden Tool Blade Sharpener, AC 8300

  1. sharpknife says:

    Easy sharp This is a small sharpening tool that you can carry in your pocket or leave in the top shelf of your tool box. It is constructed of a piece of square Carbide 1/8″ x 1/8″ x 3/4″ long, sweated onto a piece of flat steel 1/16″ x 1/2″ x 4 7/8″ long and dipped in a plastic protective covering, with a plastic end cap to slip onto the tool to cover and protect the Carbide. The opposite end is drilled for a keychain.Carbide is much harder than any steel used for cutting, so the small length…

  2. Aditya Singh says:

    It’s too cheap to wonder if it’s worth it……..P.S. it is. This product was surprisingly great. When ordering I expected I was buying the ideal product for sharpening my POCKET knives. But I was wrong. When It came I found such ease in use that I continued along to sharpen ALL of my knives; kitchen, pocket, and tool knives. The size of the handle and the rectangular shape of the diamond stone make it ideal for grip and grace in running the stone along the sheer of the knife. I am very satisfied with this product, i think it may find a place in my…

  3. Dave D. says:

    Admittedly a skeptic at first, now a believer I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I watched the “how-to” video and I came away doubting the effectiveness but I figured “what the heck”, give it a try. I was going to have to spend the same amount getting my pruners sharpened once anyways, so why not… right?When I took the sharpening tool out of the package, I was expecting more of a “file” like (rough) texture… the sharpening area is a bit smooth. At this point, red flags started going off and I thought…