CHENGL Lithium Battery Mower Lawn Mower Electric Small Household Rechargeable Multi-Purpose Weeding Machine Hedge Trimming Shears Height Adjustable, Changeable,Blue

The compact grass shear/shrub trimmer features an interchangeable blade system that can be easily converted from grass shears to detail shrubs for maximum convenience and versatility. Powered by a 3.6-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it delivers a “ready-to-use” power supply and a longer life. After fully charging, you will continue to use for 30 minutes.
Always have the power supply ready for better performance and longer life.
It comes with a 6-inch trim blade for trimming ornamental shrubs and shrubs, and a 4-inch grass scissor blade for precise trimming of flower beds, sidewalks and grass around the pillars. Both interchangeable blades are made from durable precision sharpened steel to help extend blade life.
Weighing just 1.7 pounds, the tool is lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide better control and less fatigue during trimming. This shear and shrub can be used with an optional extension handle (sold separately) for longer stretch and versatility. Other features include an LED charge indicator and an easy-release button for switching between blades.

Product Features

  • The landscape design consists of simple: electric hand-push lawn cutter design, your development philosophy. This hand-held cutter is detachable for easy use and quick blade replacement, so you can get your work done faster. .
  • Blue Gold Control: Cordless Trimmer with a whole, blade guard, secure power lock switch, convenient retractable lever, roller wheel. .
  • Easy to use: The electric dresser uses state-of-the-art technology to make the garden work hard. Perfect lawns, gardens, sidewalks, walkways and meditation. .
  • Lightweight and portable: These are lightweight and convenient, in large features, lawn shears. With a powerful 3.6 V lithium battery, you don’t need to charge for up to 4 hours. .
  • Getting started is easy. To trim everything you need to do is press the side safety button and pull the trigger! To switch attachments, simply press the release button on the front of the cutter, then remove the current attachment and pop up the new attachment in the same location.

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