Carmyra Portable Chainsaw mill 36″ Inch Planking Milling Bar Size 14″ to 36″

Fast & Easy Installation 7.5KGS Portable ChainSaw Mill

NOTE: The chainsaw and guide bar are not included
Fits: Chain saw with bar length from 14″ to 36″
Material: Aluminum & Steel
Include: 1PC Chainsaw Mill + 1SET assembling Tool + 1PC USER MANUAL
Efficient & Versatile 36″Mill
Cuts lumber planks Height & Width Adjustable
Attaches directly to your chainsaw bar

Product Features

  • High Quality Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • Cut Cedar, Walnut and Oak into High Quality Lumber
  • High-Quality Mill Cuts Beams or Lumber from 0.5″ “To 13″ Thick and 36” Wide
  • Attaches to saw without drilling bar
  • Lower price

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3 Responses to Carmyra Portable Chainsaw mill 36″ Inch Planking Milling Bar Size 14″ to 36″

  1. Matt says:

    Excellent lightweight Alaskan style mill. I bought this mill to make lumber for wood shop projects. The local store doesn’t sell slabs of sufficient thickness for what I want to do so I wanted to make my own. This mill does the job perfectly.I have it mounted to my Stihl 461 with a 32” bar. I bought a ripping chain for milling and highly recommended that you do so as well. A standard chain should have a cutter angle of around 30° where the ripping chain has a cutter angle of only 10°. It is also sharpened with a special…

  2. Trenton Wilson says:

    Sturdy and works fine but takes some jerry-rigging to get it to work right. You get what you pay for, this was one of the cheaper mills and I wasn’t willing to drop a lot of money on it. I am very hands on with putting things together so the 1 page diagram (not what I would call “instructions” was all I needed to put it together. Two sets of hands was handy for some of the steps, we had it together in about 10 min, then the work started. The parts that clamp to the chainsaw bar are not built well and when clamped down and put into the mill I noticed my bar…

  3. cb says:

    Absolutly satisfied with this chainsaw mill! Got it on time and have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality of the parts. The aluminum rails are very well finished and the steel parts appear to be chromed. Being an “off brand” I honestly expected to see some crude parts but this thing is sturdy, well built and looks really good. I mean really good. I’d defiantly buy it again. I will only update if its fuction does not match its build quality, so if I don’t update this it’s safe to assume I’m in the timber making up slabs…