Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver – 12V Brushless Compact Drill with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, Charger and Soft Carrying Case

The Bosch PS32 02 12 V Max EC Brushless 3/8 In. Drill/Driver is only 2 Lbs. and has a head length of only 6.5 in. This lightweight powerhouse is a terrific solution for contractors or MEP professionals who have extended overhead or hard to reach applications. And this cordless drill provides an EC Brushless motor that delivers 180 In. Lbs. of torque. This is outstanding power for the most compact and lightest weight Drill/Driver in its class. It has a two speed setting, with a high torque setting for driving and a high speed drilling setting, and it has 20+1 clutch settings for max versatility. The kit includes two 12 V batteries and a charger for all day work

Product Features

  • COMPACT: Lightest, most compact 12V EC brushless drill/driver in class
  • PRECISION: This easy to use power drill weighs only 2 pounds, making it a great choice for extended drilling and driving overhead
  • DURABILITY: With a long lasting EC Brushless motor and all metal gearbox, this Bosch drill kit is crafted with with Durashield housing, Bosch’s flexible housing made from an ABS/nylon composite that has been tested to withstand multiple 10 foot drops
  • VERSATILE: Drill driver combo with a two speed transmission (0 400 rpm high torque setting and a 0 1,300 rpm high speed drilling setting). 20+1 clutch settings allow for maximum range of applications
  • CONVENIENT: The drill kit comes complete with two included 12 volt lithium ion batteries, a charger and a carrying case.Delivers 180 inch pounds of torque

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2 Responses to Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver – 12V Brushless Compact Drill with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, Charger and Soft Carrying Case

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great drill, dismal driver This is quite a good little drill, except for one fatal flaw.I’m a machinist and I use this mainly to screw blank pieces of material down in my machine, which involves a lot of bending and extending. So the 2-lb weight is awesome, especially compared to the 6-lb weight of the 18V drill I replaced it with. This thing is almost weightless in comparison! I can tell it has a little less power, but I’m just tightening down screws into holes that are already threaded. Not a lot of power…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perfect except for one feature on the chuck I have been using mine irregularly for about 5 months. I love the fact that you can wear it in a holster. This does take some getting used to, if you’ve been standing your drill on its battery for the last 20 years. But it is really nice to have it at your hip at all times. Plus if you get a holster with the ability to hold tips then you’re not dancing around looking for things to get the job done. My advice would be to spring for the holster – the belt clip that comes with the drill will…