Bosch NanoBlade Saw Blade for Wood and Synthetic Materials, NanoBlade Wood Basic 65, Cutting Depth in Wood: 65 mm, for Saws with NanoBlade Technology)

Product Features

  • NanoBlade technology: vibration-free sawing, keyless saw blade change and maintenance-free work without clamping, oiling or sharpening
  • Precise cuts: saw blade for NanoBlade table saw or NanoBlade saw for precise, vibration-free cuts up to 65 mm
  • Suitable for various materials: wood (soft wood, chipboard, laminate, greenwood) and synthetic materials (plexiglas, polycarbonate, PVC)
  • Quick, easy saw blade change: Keyless accessory change in seconds thanks to SDS system
  • For NanoBlade tools: The NanoBlade Wood Basic 65 is suitable for use with EasyCut 12, EasyCut 50, AdvancedCut 18, AdvancedCut 50 and AdvancedTableCut 52

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