Bonchan Protective Holder for Round and Dot Speakers, Anti-Slip Case Accessory

Bonchan is here to provide your round and dot speakers with a safe new home.

His simple hand-painted design is sure to match any room’s style while making the most of your favorite speaker.
The hand-carved ABS housing fits all generation dot speakers securely and the large rear port provides clear and easy access to power and auxiliary cords.

First generation dot speakers sit flush with the top of the housing while second generation dot speakers sit slightly lower due to their slim design.
Our housing dimensions are specially measured and tested to have no interference with speaker and microphone quality in both generations.

While designed for dot speakers, Bonchan can happily accommodate other round style speakers that are within the housing dimensions.
The anti-slip pads are perfect for countertops, tables, shelves, and desks where smooth-bottom holders may slide from even slight bumps.

We take great pride in our service to our awesome customers and strive to provide the best possible experience.
This is why we personally inspect each unit for damage and defects before packaging them in specially molded styrofoam.
Bonchan will do his best to provide your speaker with an extra layer of security and put a smile on your face to match his!

Product Features

  • STYLISH PROTECTION: The lightweight yet sturdy housing prevents damage from impacts, falls, and bumps
  • ANTI-SLIP PADS: Provides needed traction on smooth surfaces like counter-tops, eliminating unwanted sliding
  • OPEN DESIGN: A perfect match for round and dot speakers without reducing microphone or speaker quality
  • DECOR FOR ANY ROOM: Our original design is hand-carved and painted for an individual and unique feel
  • UNPARALLELED ASSURANCE: All units are individually inspected for cracks, damage, and defects to ensure customer satisfaction

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