BLACK+DECKER SF-080 Auto Feed Spool Single Line Trimmer

Black & Decker SF-080 Auto Feed Spool .080 Single Line is replacement line designed to be used with the GH3000 Black & Decker 7.5-Amp Electric String Trimmer. This is 20 ft. of replacement line that is factory wound for maximum reliability and less tangling.

Product Features

  • Fits: GH3000 Black & Decker 7.5-Amp Electric String Trimmer
  • 20 ft. 0.080″ Replacement Line
  • Factory wound for maximum reliability and less tangling
  • Fits: GH3000 BLACK+DECKER 7.5-Amp Electric String Trimmer

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3 Responses to BLACK+DECKER SF-080 Auto Feed Spool Single Line Trimmer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lost 6 inches every 10 seconds in tall weeds. My previous line lasted many hours, this one lasted 15 minutes. Every 10 seconds it would spool out and I would lose 6 inches.I was cutting tall weeds, but my previous string lasted hours doing the same weeds.UPDATE: I changed from a 1 start to a 4 start … after reading some tips about this trimmer I realized that there may have been some user error. I think this trimmer has an auto feed system that automatically feeds when turned on. While I was struggling with some tall…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Convenient, but expensive to keep replacing spools with new spools Works great, and a lot easier than hand winding more line on an empty reel, but it ran out pretty fast in my string trimmer. As a matter of fact, it ran out of string after only one use in my yard. I have a quarter-acre corner lot with sidewalk on two sides, but the spool should have lasted longer than that. I refilled the spool with Husqvarna 639005112 “Titanium Force” string trimmer line, which is tougher than the B&D standard line, and lasts several times longer. The Titanium Force…

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is not a full reel of line on this spool. It runs out much too soon. There is 1/3 less line than on the original spools. This is a rip-off. The spool is not as full as the original spools that came with my machine and it comes loose and feeds erratically.The line does not last long enough.I bought a big reel of the line and wrap them myself and can put almost twice as much line on the reel WRAPPING BY HAND.I am extremely disappointed in this Black & Decker product – the reels I have left from my old machine (do not fit this one) are heavier andI was able to wind the line from them onto…