BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch

This black & decker pp610 10″ corded pole saw offers a powerful 6.5 Amp motor for your most demanding cuts; motor is inline which allows for for direct pruning and clear line of sight . It also features a 10″ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain for improved cutting performance on larger branches. An automatic oiling system ensures constant bar and chain lubrication, and it has a clear oil window that allows the user to easily gauge the oil level. This saw also includes a sturdy 9.5′ Extend pole for high hanging or hard to reach branches. At only 8lbs, the lightweight design of this saw allows for easy control and maneuverability.

Product Features

  • 6.5 Amp powerful motor for demanding cuts
  • 10″ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain for improved cutting performance
  • Sturdy 9.5′ Extended pole for hard to reach branches
  • Automatic oiling system ensures constant bar and chain lubrication
  • Inline motor

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3 Responses to BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch

  1. John Matheson says:

    My favorite tool by far This thing is tough and fun. I took down a tree with a 12 inch thick trunk and actually got to use the word “timber” in its appropriate context. The saw isn’t meant to go that big, but it can. It also says don’t stand on top of anything, but if you give yourself a few extra feet, and then extend the pole, you can reach tree limbs that are touching most roofs. None of my friends or family have that problem any more. The self oiling system is convenient. One criticism: it first arrived…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Great tool! I am very impressed with this tool. I needed to prune a large Mulberry tree that had partially grown over my roof. Some of the limbs were approaching 12″ in diameter and this thing went right through them. I also used it to dice up the limbs on the ground for easy disposal and had no problems with it after lots of use. I found that replacement chains are easily obtainable and it should serve me for a long time. The extendable pole is great for staying on the ground while reaching those…

  3. Kindle Customer says:

    Very effective and easy to use pole saw I must have read 30 or 40 different product reviews before deciding to purchase this Pole Saw. We have several areas where thick woody shrubs need to be cut back to the ground this year. Vine trimmers and hack saws could not reach the bottom, nor were they effective. This saw did the job in about an hour. It was easy to use and has very little kick back. The extension made it easy to cut through the wood limbs even with the deep width of the shrubs. As we age, we so appreciate light weight and…