Black & Decker RB-3612 Battery and Charger for Mowers and Tillers, 36-Volt

The Black & Decker RB-3612 Battery and Charger for all 36-Volt Mowers and Tillers replaces or adds a second battery and charger for CM1936, SPCM1936 & CTL36 mowers and tillers. This set includes a charger to keep batteries charged and ready to go. Ideal for adding additional runtime for larger properties or for multiple 36V tools. Backed by Black & Deckers 2 year warranty.Item cannot be returned.

Product Features

  • Replacement 36v battery pack for spcm1936, cm1936, and ctl36 for additional run-time
  • Charger included for keeping both batteries charged
  • Additional battery for larger properties
  • Original Equipment For Maximum Performance
  • 2 year warranty

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2 Responses to Black & Decker RB-3612 Battery and Charger for Mowers and Tillers, 36-Volt

  1. Joshua D. Murrah says:

    You’ll need a spare! Also some recycle/refurb information OK, so if you’re looking at this item, you probably own, are are considering, the Black & Decker cordless mower or tiller, with removable battery.The charge time is pretty lengthy on these batteries, so you’ll definitely want a spare if there’s any question about whether you’d have enough power for the task at hand.This is a plastic battery, with connectors for the device (you can charge the battery while on the device), as well as a separate charge port. The charge…

  2. John J Martin says:

    Spare Lawnmower battery Bought this one as a spare/back-up for my lawnmower. This type of battery, when fully charged does not allow me to complete mowing my yard in a single charge…so I bought another. Now I have 2 fully charged batteries. When I mow my lawn, I go through the first battery until it winds down…then I just swap it out with the second battery and finish up the lawnmowing job. Easy to swap out. Battery works fine. One good thing with this battery lawnmower…no gas to buy, store, and pour…