Best Partner TURBINE Leaf Blower,Corded Leaf Blower,8.5-Amp,2-Speed,120 MPH

Best Partner: Best Friends in Your Daily Life
Best Partner Blower is the perfect accessory tool for home garden cleaning. It has two speeds that are suitable for different functional requirements.When connecting or separating the tube to the machine body,you need a little bit of strength

-Clean up the best partner GBA850 two-speed electric corded blower may be left behind the natural mother of chaos.
-UL Certification guarrantee the high quality and credit. 
-Zero emission carbon footprint for all best partner products. You cut your yard or pruning hedges absolutely do not need to inhale the gas smoke.

Rated current: 8.5-AMP
Maximum air speed:120MPH
Max air flow:465CFM
Idling speed: 13000/15500 RPM

About Service:
24 hour response guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee, 12 month replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.
We are most grateful for your support and care so far. We will continue with our strive in further improving our quality services to our valued customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any comments or recommendations to our services or products.

To reduce the risk of electric shock-do not expose the device to water or operate the equipment on wetlands.Do not use wet material.Replace damaged cord immediately.Store indoors.Disconnect before cleaning or changing accessories or opening.Risk of eye injury.Use safety glasses or similar eye protection.To reduce the risk of injury to persons,do not operate without guards in place.For household use only.

About Best Partner:
Best partners are well known in the manufacture and distribution of gardening tools in many countries, offering the best products to meet your indoor and outdoor needs in your daily life. In recent years, the best partner has developed into an international company, its main goal is to design

Product Features

  • TURBINE fan technology delivers forceful, high-capacity air volume that is up to twice as fast as professional gas blowers.Dynamic airflow design and Hyper-Stream nozzle for maximum performance.
  • Power cord retainer hels attached to the blower.
  • 2-speed control,120 MPH and 465 CFM performance.
  • Simple-design makes it easy to assemble and install.Lightweight at 7.26 lbs.
  • UL certification.Always be ready to respond within a 24 hour time frame. Buy with confidence as we offer 30-day money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied. We assure you 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.

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  1. Susie Q says:

    Great leaf blower.

  2. Darcie_ says:

    my young sister can also use it easily. What surprises me even more is that it …