Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

If you want your outdoor power equipment to last longer and do more, you want Arnold parts, accessories, and attachments. Providing you with a wide variety of hassle-free, top-quality products, Arnold replacement trimmer line is carefully designed with specific features to suit your mower. Compatible with tons of major brands, 50+ years of proven performance has landed Arnold a reputation of cutting edge product innovations and extensive engineering expertise. From basic maintenance to major innovations, Arnold has everything you need to keep equipment running the way it should season after season. With Arnold you can be confident of a reliable product with accurate fit, design, material, and construction. In addition to reliable parts and accessories, Arnold’s easy-to-follow instructions and extra tips will ease your equipment maintenance and assure that you get the job done right.

Product Features

  • Maxi Edge .065″ Trimmer Line
  • Universal / Fits most gas and electric trimmers
  • .065″ diameter, blue line, 6-Point Star
  • Contains 11 refills, 220 ft.
  • Includes cutting tool

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3 Responses to Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

  1. Anonymous says:

    Slay the mighty dragons with this! Never have I found a weapon so powerful as this Maxi trimmer line. I have been sentenced to cutting down the fields and while my almighty powerful trimmer created by the great Ryobi has done me well, the trimmer line that came with it has not. I cannot find this in the common shops so I had to summon the great AMAZON to grant me more line. This trimmer line is so strong that they had to include a special cutting blade that is sharp enough to cut through it as a simple blade would not be…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hesitate – this stuff makes trimming so easy! This string is killer! We’ve been using some other orange stuff on our Black and Decker cordless string trimmer and it has been a real pain. We used to have to stop and feed the line out every few minutes and it wouldn’t feed itself out. WIth the Arnold Maxi-Edge, everything about the trimming experience is better. It cuts WAY better, probably due to it’s star shaped profile. It breaks WAY less. Last time I trimmed our 1/3 acre yard, including all of the curbing, and both sides of our 210 foot…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Decent trimmer line I find this line cuts very well, especially compared to the regular round line I used before. Only thing is while it cuts better, I find this line does not last as long as the other stuff I had when against cement. Along the wood fence and trees, this stuff lasts, but when doing the driveway and against the house foundation, it shreds pretty fast. If I was only doing against wood, I would have rated this trimmer line higher.Overall it is good line and my trimmer seemed to spin a little…