The Garcare GPHT06 Corded 2 in 1 pole and portable hedge trimmer with 4.8A motor is a powerful and reliable tool which provides very good service for trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes. The pole hedge trimmer extends to over 9 feet long, and easily converts to a hand held trimmer to save money on garden maintenance. Its Counter-rotating and dual-edge trimming blade lets you cut on right or left side of the hedge trimmer for easy shaping and sculpting with less vibration. 20-inch-cutting length and 3/4 inch cutting capacity laser cutting blade with rust-resistant hardened steel for cleanly, smoothly and quickly cutting. Laser cutting blade with diamond grinded cutting teeth is much sharper and has better cutting performance. Laser cutting blade can provide much better cutting performance. For efficient power transmission there is a robust metal gearing with a long service life. 6-position pivoting head allows you to trim at a variety of angles. 5-position rotary rear handle allows you to trim your fence in variety shapes. Aluminum telescopic tube for more stable and professional using.
This machine extending and locking from an already impressive 7.4 ft to an incredible 9 ft and will certainly get the job done on those hard to reach tall areas that other trimmers just can not touch.
With soft rubber grips in handle to absorb vibration and more comfortable during use. Garcare garden tool makes your garden care work become easy and enjoyable. Specification: Blade Cutting Length = 20 inch Powerful 4.8 amp electric motor 3/4-inch cutting capacity Includes Shoulder Belt, Removeable Auxiliary Handle, and Blade Cover With cord lock prevents cord from disconnecting.

Product Features

  • 4.8A motor, 3/4 inch cutting capacity, 2 in 1 design for different working request
  • 20 inch laser cutting blade with rust-resistant hardened steel for cleanly,and quickly cutting
  • 6-position pivoting head and 5-position rotary rear handle allow you to trim at a variety of angles
  • Aluminum telescopic tube with extension to 9ft for long reach cutting,front and rear handle with soft rubber grip makes it comfortable to trim
  • Note:The item is a little heavy when operated at extended heights ,use together with shoulder straps will lighten your load,please use with care

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So I purchased one and hoped for the best. It is considerably better quality than I expected … I was apprehensive about this purchase. I never heard of the manufacturer but I really needed a solution for my tall hedges … aside from setting up the ladder, cutting a chunk of hedge, getting off the ladder, moving the ladder, blah blah blah. So I purchased one and hoped for the best.It is considerably better quality than I expected and the thing cuts like a champ. Maybe my old Black and Decker Hedgehog trimmers are dull, but the Garcare really cut well. Resetting the angle is…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heavy + Motor Burned Out I was looking for an extended hedge trimmer for the larger and harder to reach hedges in my yard. And that’s what I got. It’s shining advantage is the very long extension. But, as everyone else has mentioned, because of the weight distribution, your arms get tired very fast, even when you are not using the extension. The stainless steel blades do cut very well – I had absolutely no problem with that. I did slice right through an extension cord early on, so be mindful if you are not used to…